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Life insurance is about much more than protecting yourself. It can be an immediate source of tax-free dollars when your family needs it the most. At its core, life insurance protects your future, your assets, and provides your family with real financial security that they can count on. When you work with a Star Insurance professional, you will receive seasoned advice and the private consultation you deserve.

It all begins with a member of our team discussing the many life insurance options with you, including: The type of policy you need, the length of policy you need, and your policy terms. We will even review additional “living benefits” that can provide added protection and access to cash while you are still alive.

Now that’s real protection!

Types of Life Insurance

Permanent Insurance

As long as the necessary premiums are paid, protection is guaranteed* for your entire life or to a specific age / maturity. Policy accumulates a cash value that grows on a tax-deferred basis that you can borrow against. (Loans must be paid back with interest or your beneficiaries will receive a reduced death benefit.) It may be more costly than term insurance if you don’t keep it long enough.

  • Whole-life
  • Universal-life
  • Variable-life

Term Insurance

Initially, premiums are generally lower than those for permanent insurance, allowing you to buy higher levels of coverage at a younger age when the need for protection often is greatest. However, premiums can increase as you age, and generally, the policy doesn’t offer cash value or paid-up insurance.

  • Level-term
  • Convertible-term
  • Return of premium

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What our clients think of us…

I try to remember to thank you and your team when they do something specific for us – but the truth is that they always seem to go above and beyond, willing to help, always happy to accommodate and always seem to have the answers I need.

Heidi Wood, CFO, Chutes International