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Different on Purpose

Most businesses spend 99% of their time thinking about what they do and how they do it, and 1% of their time focused on why they do it. Here at Hilb Group, we’ve taken the opposite approach.

Anyone can sell you insurance, but traditional insurance won’t cover all your risks.

That’s why we’ve developed an array of tools to address your business, hazard and strategic risks.

Why? Exactly!

Because Hilb Group is focused on risk management (as opposed to just insurance), we’re different than the typical insurance company. We approach risk management much like a detective approaches a crime scene by digging deep into your business to understand its unique risk profile, and then developing risk management solutions tailored to your needs.

We believe it all starts with your “why”. In our case, we’re in the business of risk management because we’re passionate about the impact we can have on the businesses we serve. It is this passion and drive that makes us successful, and its important to you because it means we’re committed to driving results that positively impact your bottom line.